C-Force Seat

The C-Force suspension seat combines the highly praised X-Craft X-system with the bucket seat to create excellent shock mitigation and support. The combination is aesthetically spot on with a technical and handsome appeal. The glass fibre or carbon fibre kevlar composite bucket seat is very supportive in the back area, and also gives firm support for both shoulders and hips. It is therefore extremely well suited for use in high performance craft, where the risk of injuries would be very real. At high speed or rough sea state, or both, the C-Force suspension seat is a must have for every pilot and co-pilot. The ability to endure the massive blows from the waves enables the crew to arrive fit and injury free at any destination.


The pounding of the waves is being absorbed by the X-System shock mitigation system and its bespoke X-Craft shock absorber. The X-Craft shock absorber features adjustable spring tension and rebound settings offering a supportive and comfortable ride for occupants between 75kg and 115kg, on request a custom shock absorber can be fitted to serve lighter or heavier occupants. The suspension system has very low maintenance requirements, for further information on the X-System click here to visit the product page.


The C-Force suspension seat can be modified extensively to match each individual project. The colour setting of the suspension system and dedicated mounting plate can be changed, as well as the upholstery of the bucket seat in any desired colour in Silverguard, leather or Alcantara.

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