Navy Backpack Jockey

The Navy Backpack seat has been designed following the very good reception of the Navy seat. The navy of a northern European country had used X-Craft’s Navy seat for quite a while and wanted to implement the same type of seat and quality on the boats that were used by the special forces to reduce the risk of injuries. These marines must be ready for action as soon as they arrive at their destination, but also often travel with large heavy backpacks or even parachutes strapped on their back, hence the Navy Backpack suspension seat. The low backrest of the suspension seat makes it easy for the occupants to sit back with their gear on, while resting that same gear on the top of the backrest. A simple yet very effective solution for this specific purpose. The low backrest has other advantages as well, like further bringing down the weight of the seat and making the suspension seat suitable for boats which need low bridge clearance.


Build from powered coated 5083 seawater resistant aluminium combined with the bespoke X-Craft shock absorber makes the simple yet multipurpose setup a very versatile suspension seat which suits a lot of types of craft and many purposes. This is further underlined with very low maintenance requirements. The shock absorber features adjustable spring tension and rebound settings enabling a supportive and comfortable ride for passengers and crew between 75kg and 115kg, on request a custom shock absorber can be fitted to serve lighter or heavier occupants.


The Navy Backpack suspension seat is an active shock mitigation seat which optimally supports dynamic driving. The seat is very compact thus allowing many of them to be installed in line in a boat. Each seat is equipped with aft mounted handles providing support for the passenger behind. The cushions are weatherproof and are made from multiple layers of foam to give optimal comfort and support. The quintessentially X-Craft design will complement each boat the seat is installed in and the possibility to further customize by changing the colour scheme for the seat frame and the upholstery enables one to harmonize it with the craft even more.

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