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About X-Craft

X-Craft was founded in 2007 and is located in Hoorn, The Netherlands. On the waters’ edge, right next to the large Markermeer lake. We are a specialist in shock mitigation and we handcraft technologically advanced boat seats. We take pride in our Dutch design and craftsmanship heritage, and we offer a wide range of standard suspension seats and systems, as well as customized solutions tailored to specific projects. Our manufacturing process utilizes cutting-edge technology, including computer-controlled machines, water jet cutters and laser fibre cutters, to ensure precision and to meet precise tolerances.

About our collection

Our clientele, who are among the most discerning product critics, encompass various sectors, including organisations in the Military, Navy, Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Commercial enterprises, Leisure/Recreational activities, and Lifesaving organisations.

The key benefits that all X-Craft customers enjoy: 
·  Exceptional build quality for heavy duty use
·  Adjustable height settings
·  Fully customizable spring tension and rebound settings
·  Innovative X-Craft proprietary shock mitigation systems
·  Specially developed X-Craft shock absorbers
·  Seats and backrests made from multiple layers of foam
·  Outstanding ergonomic design
·  Modern, eye-catching aesthetics
·  Production flexibility for individual modifications
·  Competitive pricing

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